Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

from Sparrow's Dragon, Chapter 1, Fyne Companions

The track wound around the hillside, an easier grade than heading straight up to the rocky formation at the top, and Ben was in no hurry. At each turn a new vista laid out green and gold and heather-dusted before him. From here he could look out on Ileston Vale, with its village lights just starting to twinkle as the sun finished setting, and its crazy quilt patchwork of fields and hedges, and green common land dotted with sheep. A few yards further along, he could trace the line of jade woods that marked the millstream edge of Ileston village. A bit higher now, he could guess at his own patch of garden, his office window flashing back at him, unsuccessfully broadcasting guilt.

A couple of hundred yards later, nearing the top, the stone spiral itself would begin.

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