Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ring Out Wild Reviews

I’ve been sick! That’s my only excuse. Just as the paperback of Molly September came out, things started to go crazy, then JimDear brought home something from “tear down” weekend of Southern Faire, and my energy levels took a dive. Without sleep, it’s hard to put all the words in the right order, or frankly, to think in coherent sentences. Getting through a day at a time at work has been about my limit.

However, here we are! Molly September has been on the shelves at for just a few weeks and already there are some wonderful reviews! 

And the best so far is from Nan Hawthorne at That’s All She Read

I’ve spent most of this weekend hunting down reviewers with good websites and good followings who specialize in historical fiction, whether romance or otherwise.  I’m also trying to encourage all my readers to post their reviews at Amazon and elsewhere. Remember, you don’t have to have bought the book at a particular online bookseller to post your review there. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Blackwells Books, anywhere a book is sold you’re free to post a review of it. Reader reviews really do matter. Studies show that people buy new books based largely on recommendations, including online reader reviews—I know that when I find a title that looks interesting, I always scan the reviews, if only to see what other people are saying. The more people are willing to say in public that they like a book, the more other people are willing to give it a try. And it builds from there!

Also, good reviews mean not just that someone liked my book, but that people are reading it, which was the real objective all along.  I don’t have a big publisher taking out ads in Publishers Weekly or arranging for the big reviews. Kirkus won’t even look at small publications like mine at Popinjay Press. So I have to rely on all of you.

So help me generate some good buzz out there! Come find my fan page Maggie Secara’s Writing on Facebook. And post those reviews! I appreciate it more than I can say!

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