Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fantastic new interview!

Y'know, I hate writing about myself (which probably explains why I blog so seldom), but Bill Jones Jr at Intentionally Left Blank seems to have brought me out of my shell. What a great guy!

This Blog Blank: So, we may as well get the good stuff out first. Can you tell us about your latest work?
Maggie Secara: Oh gosh, well, Molly September(Popinjay Press, June 2011) is the first novel I ever finished. And finished again. And started over from the top and did it again. At least one — possibly two — more times. Yes, it’s actually the book I started in college. So while it’s technically my latest work, it’s also my first.  It’s set in 1674, and it’s tons of fun. A nice fat paperback (or e-book) you can’t just skim through in a day, Molly is romantic, intense, and even funny; an adventure, a pirate movie, a love story and a buddy film, all wrapped up in a mystery. What really happened to Molly’s father? Dick Prentiss knows, and he’ll do almost anything to keep her from finding out.
TBB: When I fall in love with a book, invariably it’s when I can get lost in the descriptions – when it becomes real – sound, image, etc. Other people I know skip the descriptions and go straight to the dialogue. As writers, we are fortunate in being able to get lost in worlds we create. What causes you to get lost when you are writing a book?
I started out as a poet, and have spent a lot of time with musicians and actors. In other words, it's...[more]

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