Monday, May 14, 2012

We're ON THE AIR... with Jesse V. Cofffey

Y'know, this being an author thing has its roller-coaster moments: collecting rejections and getting accepted at last, cheering over a great review or moaning over a title's slip in its ranking. It's crazy, I mean, uhm, it's character building. That's it. Well one of the good bits is now poised on the immediate horizon like the Crystal Palace perched on the ridge of Sydenham Hill.

Tuesday,  May 15, I'll be chatting with Jesse Coffey on Edin Road Radio about The Dragon Ring, writing, fairy tales, or whatever seems fun and interesting. Usually the 30-minute segment is divided between reading and interview, but back in March Jesse kindly encouraged me to read the whole first chapter of Dragon Ring, which pretty much filled the segment! This time, for balance, chat will rule there air and yes, that means you get the best part of half an hour listening to me hold forth. In all grace and humility, of course!

The show is live at 3:30 PM (Pacific time), but if that's not convenient for you, don't worry. The interview will be available later in the day as a pod cast on and iTunes. When it's available, I'll also post it, with an integrated player, right here on the blog. You can find direct links to this and other interviews and reviews on the About Maggie tab.

I'm very excited about this interview, even more so because the book has been out for a couple of months and people still want to talk about it! Jesse is a terrific interviewer and a very silly woman, and I know it will be a lot of fun. Please join me for what promises to be a delightful time.

The Crystal Palace reference will make much more sense when the next book comes out! ;-)

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