Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And a bright new year!

It's yet again a gorgeous New Year's morning here in Los Angeles, the kind of day that might have been designed to start out a fantastic new year. King's Raven made quite a splash in its first 10 days and is riding high. New ideas for expanding Mermaid Stair are already bubbling and new research has commenced. I'm even planning a trip top England in the fall--my first since WorldCon 1979!

Now as to blogging... I know last year I promised more activity here, and I did try. (I blame Facebook.) Anyway, this year will be different, and I mean starting tomorrow, January 2. Plan on looking in every Wednesday for a brand new article from a guest blogger selected from among my extensive writing community: some well-established, some working on their careers, and some bright new flames, all with something interesting to share.

We'll start with a mistress of suspense both historical and romantic, Cathie Dunn, whose most recent novel, Dark Deceit, was published this past July by Crooked Cat.

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