Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mermaid Stair Update

The revision/second draft of Harper Errant Book 3 is coming along. Sunday night I finished up all the "modern" parts of Part 1. I've been working
straight through Ben and Raven's thread to keep it flowing sensibly, and now it's time to set it aside for awhile.

Because there are ugly bits to layer in from 1595: in particular, a sick and twisted killer called Silence Carew. I don't much like writing him, or living with him, and it's about to get worse.  He makes my skin crawl. Now my job is to make sure he does the same for the reader! And that means writing his parts of Part 1 straight through as well, for consistency of tone, language, and plot, among other things.

In the original draft a couple of years ago, he was evil, sure, but pretty 2-dimensional. Now he has to become a real person. That means writing new scenes, involving him with other people, and yes even meeting his mother. At the same time I need to develop  a couple characters who came in kind of at the eleventh hour originally. Their story turns out to be the key to... well, they need to  be introduced sooner.

So I'm working up the existing scenes to make them flow, while building the villain and his obsession, so that by the time the two stories come together, the whole novel will be more complex--and more exciting--than the sum of its parts!

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