Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Time to Walk the Mermaid Stair

It's about time I mentioned... Crooked Cat Publishing has accepted The Mermaid Stair for publication! The third book in the Harper Errant will be released sometime in late April, 2014. The exact date is still TBD. 

The novel, like the series, features Ben Harper, sometime reality TV host now full-time folk musician and recording entrepreneur. Assisted by Raven, principal gentlemen to the king of Faerie, Ben searches through time to track down the madman who is tormenting and killing the river nymphs of England--and stop him. 

While interviewing nymphs and goddesses, a bored British matron who longs to be a mermaid, and a fairly well-known playwright with a wry sense of humor, the boys also have to look for the lost goddess of the River Fleet. When the two tasks overlap, the chase becomes doubly deadly.

The course of their pursuit sends the boys from the rivers of Faerie, down the length of the Thames, from the markets and villas of ancient Roman Londinium to the taverns and palaces of Shakespeare's England. Music, adventure, and terror abound as The Mermaid Stair reaches its enchanted conclusion.


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