Friday, March 27, 2015

A Short-Story Year

It's apparently short story year, since both The Donovan Twist and Island of Echoes seem to have run aground (temporarily, I assure you.) 

Stories require a little more work from Faithful Readers to find and consume, but to make it worse, I have been very remiss about announcing or celebrating the publication of a number of them!

Here they are (so far) with links so you don't have ot track them down.

  • "Charmed and Strange" will be in Unsung Stories on July 31, 2015. Direct link provided when available. 
  • Jack's Day Out, a sort of ten-years-after sequel to a familiar story, in A Forest of Dreams (Indy Authors Press, 2014). Here's how it begins...
Once there were two brothers who went on a journey, setting out before dawn from their mother’s house. After riding for many hours through a meadow and then a wood, and finally a barren heath—none of them enchanted—their path came to an abrupt end at a broad chasm filled with light.

At their feet a wooden bridge spanned the gilded air. On the other side, low mist gathered white and gold, roiling up from the chasm like a passing storm. Hardly a barrier, magical or otherwise, when they could see from here it was only a few paces deep. The path clearly reappeared on the other side. A kind of stair, perhaps the flat faces of trimmed logs, cut into the steep rise of a hill between split poles that made a rail on either side. Too steep for their mounts.

The elder brother, Jack, sighed like a man who knew too much already, but said nothing. Perian, much his junior, laughed with delight.

“We’re almost there! Those are city gates, aren’t they? I can see them shining, just like you said! How hard can it be?”

 For more, you'll just have to pick up the book!

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