Sunday, March 12, 2017

Life isn't spooky enough? Try it under gaslight!

Ghosthunter, Paraphysician,

From a quiet Victorian valley where nothing uncanny ever happens, the mysteriously magical Mr  Random Corwyn leads a team of paranormal investigators
Miss Violet Delacourt, a lady novelist, 
Polly Nichol, her clever maid, and 
Capt. Daniel Ford, formerly of Her Majesty's Army
Together they challenge all manner of supernatural horrors haunting England’s green and peasant lands.

But this time Random's own house is haunted by a sorrowing lady. Violet is still recovering from a terrifying ordeal with a fiery Djinn. And a monstrous black dog is terrorizing the people Random has sworn to protect

First in a new series,
Black Dog, Grey Lady
a Raven at Random novella
For more about the series, see the Raven at Random page at
And if you're quick you can win a free copy just by following me on Twitter, but you have to Click here to enter!

REVIEWERS are welcome to request a copy from me directly (Kindle or epub only, just now) in exchange for an honest review. Just reply in the Comments or drop me a note.

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