Sunday, January 8, 2012

So many projects!

From Holbein's The Dance of Death
Lest anyone think I've left Susan and Donovan entirely in the lurch, well, for the moment I suppose I have. I'm determined to get Dragon Ring into print this year, so doing that and polishing King's Raven are occupying my writing time right now. 

Now that the holidays are over I'll also be getting back to the Victorian research that informs Crystal Palace. The story is waiting for me, but it's a less familiar world, and one thing I learned this past November is that I need to know it much better if I'm to tell this story smoothly and well. I don't want to keep holding up the writing by having to look something up on every page,and don't want to hold up the story with history lectures. And of course there's still The Face in the Wall lurking in the background, with its dips into Wartime London. So much to do!

I'll try to blog a bit more, do more book reviews, maybe get in some interviews, and of course, have a few more Goodreads Giveaways. And oh yes, create some new pages for the Compendium!

It's going to be a busy year. I hope you'll continue hanging in there with me--both here and on Facebook, and maybe even invite your friends. 

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