Sunday, March 11, 2012

More excitement than one person was meant to have!

Yes, I know, I said I was going to post more, but life has just been so crazy. Getting a new novel to publication with a small outfit  isn't just a matter of sitting back and letting it happen. No no, it's hands on all the way! And with the publisher 8 hours away in Edinburgh, it's been an adventure, I can tell you.

And now we're here! Just days away! The Dragon Ring will be out and in the hands of everyone who has played along and watched me through this--in some case, literally watching me write a novel in public, from inception through the manic days of NaNoWriMo 2009. And they'll read it and fall in love with it and tell their friends, and they'll tell their friends who will buy their own, and so on and so on... Now you can watch me visualizing a best seller. :-)

The Dragon Ring, first in the Harper Errant faery adventure series, hits the electronic book stands on March 16 on Amazon and at Smashwords for every manner of e-reader, tablet, and computer imaginable. A hard-copy may eventually be available, but that's still in the future. Yes, I love paper books too, but here we are. Think how much longer you'd have had to wait for a traditional publisher to make this happen!

And then...then... Yes! I can stop spending all my waking life on this book, and write about something else now and then.

Come join the party on Facebook all day Friday starting as the day begins!

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