Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 days to the Paperback release!

Yes, The Dragon Ring hits the online bookstores on August 31. Counting down with excerpts and art...


Spindly-fingered pixies in their nut brown caps and weedy clothes peered tentatively from behind curtained paintings and out from under display cases. Something popped suddenly into the room, and two twiggy creatures with enormous tufted ears expanded like balloons and bounced from ceiling to floor, zoomed round the walls and disappeared with a double pop. A creature with hummingbird wings and a p
ointed face like two twigs from a holly bush hovered in front of Ben’s nose till he batted it lightly away.

Finally, a warm voice, already familiar, and a rush of scented air like violets made him look up.

“If you see anything labeled eat me, drink me, or smoke me, be sure to leave it well alone.”

--from The Dragon Ring

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