Monday, August 27, 2012


In the mean time, meet our hero, Ben Harper.

Organizing guru, musician, and Oberon's principal human agent. 

Ben’s books, plus his college theatre background, have turned into a successful DIY series on British television, “Now or Never” that’s a combination of Clean House, Life Laundry, and Cash in the Attic.

Successful but feels like his career has taken over his life. Would rather be making music. Ben has a gift for organizing, but more important, he has three gifts which allow him to see the true nature of things, to find anything he has a connection to, and maneuver through the worlds. Also, he never gets lost. Initially a reluctant hero, but once committed to the job, he’s committed. .

And his somewhat reluctant companion, Raven 

The King's Raven of Faerie, he is one of Oberon's principal gentlemen. Ben Harper's friend and sidekick. Tagged to accompany Ben on his adventures to trade smart remarks and smooth over any language, money, or cultural difficulties. His particular gift is for manipulating… things. 
He has a dry sense of humor and a fae inability to give a straight answer. This makes it possible for him and Ben to slip into places, situations, and characters seamlessly. When he is around, Ben can understand and be understood in any language, and Raven’s purse will always contain local currency. 

Youngest of the great fae, in his usual guise he looks no older than about 16, and has a youngster’s fondness for fancy dress and display. As humans see him, he has black hair, dark blue eyes, slightly sharp features. Occasionally wears a gold double hoop in one ear. A shape changer, he can turn into a raven at will. He is quietly vain of his looks. 

Sly smile, slight eldritch glow to those who can see it, gently flirtatious, clever, but not by nature heroic. Has been the target of Titania’s anger so often, he flinches when he sees her.

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