Friday, August 31, 2012

Today I am a Paperback!

Well, The Dragon Ring is, at any rate, and that's a very good thing! The Dragon Ring  from Crooked Cat Books is officially a paperback book, the kind you can dog-ear, break the spine, lay face down on the sofa for the dog to sit on,but that smells like a proper book and slips into the bookshelf,. and when someone says "What are you reading?" you can hold it up for them to see the fabulous cover and my name thereon displayed. Available now at Amazon!

Reality TV host Ben Harper has a problem: he owes the king of Faerie a favor. So now he has to track down the three parts of a Viking arm-ring, and return them to their place in time. This takes him through the wolf-haunted forests of Viking Age Wessex, the rowdy back streets of Shakespeare’s London, and a derelict Georgian country house. Partnered with caustic, shape-changing Raven and guided by a slightly wacky goblin diary, Ben must rediscover his own gifts while facing his doubts and the queen of Faerie’s minions, who will do anything to stop him.

The Dragon Ring, the first in the open-ended Harper Errant series, is a time travelling mythic adventure that will take you to Old England and leave you enchanted.


  1. I will try to order it at my bookstore... I am very interested.
    I hope I can get it in canada, if not!? well I'll get it any way.
    Congratulation my Lady.

  2. I'm not sure your bookstore will order it, but give it a try... and please let me know if it works! Otherwise, even though Amazon Canada seems to have problems with US Kindle, they do have the paperback!