Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dragon Ring Review

I can't believe I posted the link to this review everywhere but on my own blog. Isn't that what a blog is for. In fact, the other day British author Cameron Lawton graced The Dragon Ring with a very nice review on her blog, followed by a lovely interview! And when I say lovely, I mean the questions were not just the same old thing but actually came fro her reading of the book.

It all starts like this...

I'll be honest and say that the first two things that attracted me to this book were the title (I'm completely addicted to anything to do with dragons) and the cover (ditto Vikings). Yes, I am THAT shallow. However, if I came for the cover, I stayed for the story.
This novel does the impossible Рit portrays the world of Faery and the old gods without ever once descending into clich̩ or toe-squirming tweeness. It even managed to introduce Odin without making me wince (I'm a pagan and I wince very easily when authors try to characterise a deity).
And it goes on from here... Cameron Lawson, Author

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