Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New Interview

Nancy Jardine asked me a few questions, so I answered them!

Come learn about Maggie Secara

On my Welcome Wednesday slot I'm delighted to be interviewing a fellow Crooked Cat Author - Maggie Secara. Maggie mingles the genres of historical and fantasy in her Harper Errant Series- but that's only part of her writing to date. Settle in for a great read because I asked her these questions...

Having read Book 1 of your Harper Errant series -The Dragon Ring - I know that your writing style can also be said to encompass time-travel and fantasy. Which other descriptors would you use to explain the genre-mix of your series to a potential reader?
Oh, so many things! The existence and impact of Faerie magic on the mortal world provides a mythic element as does the deep influence of fairy tales and folklore. Each book begins in the modern, mundane world, but it‘s a world with strong magical potential. The only magic is what already exists in imagination, but particularly in music. But in Faerie, which is always no more than a step away if you know how to take it, music and magic are the same thing.

To read the whole thing, go straight to Nancy's Jardine's blog.

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