Saturday, October 4, 2014


It's so weird the things that provide comfort, and weird comfort at that. 

See, I submitted a little story called "Strange and Charmed" to Asimov's in early August. They say their average response time is 5 weeks. That average is, of course, calculated from much longer as well as much shorter wait times. Now the nice thing is that while you're anxiously waiting (and of course working on other things) you can check on your submission yourself. They use an online submission form on the website, and after you click Submit and get the acknowledgement email, you come back and check the submission status any time you want. Neat, though still frustrating as the weeks go by.

Well, ever since August 9 it has said "Received". Today, it has changed. And while it isn't as good as an email of acceptance, at least now it says "Under Review." That's good. Someone is actually reading my story! And while I know it could very well say "Declined" in mere minutes, at least it's movement. I know the app isn't just stuck, and believe me, that crossed my mind.

So of course now, instead of twice a week I expect I'll be checking it every hour or so until  it changes again. 

Nope, hasn't changed since I started typing. Dammit.

Toes and fingers and ethereal pseudopods crossed. 

ADDENDUM: Asimov's politely said no. Still trying!


  1. Thanks, Miriam! It wasn't mere minutes but the next day I did receive an email declining the story. :( Well, so it goes. On to the next! This time I submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction, which I've been trying for years to break into. They take up to 8 weeks or so to reply, so... We live in hope!