Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stella Hervey Birrell: Novelist in Waiting

Thanks for hosting me on your blog Maggie, as I navigate the choppy waters of publishing for the first time.

This is my first novel, and it is available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Nook.

Let's sneak a look into my main character's past, present and future…

Her present: Melissa lives in Edinburgh which certainly beats working two dead-end jobs in a dead-end town and staying with her Mum. Thank goodness for her friends. 

Julie, her bestie, always has her back, even if she does have a new boyfriend-shaped growth. 

Gerry regularly introduces her to eligible men, so it’s OK to ignore his belief that women belong in the kitchen. 

And the new guy James…perhaps he could be more than just a friend?

Her past: Melissa can’t stop thinking about things her dad said when he was alive. Re-playing warnings about teenage boyfriends and the over-use of the phone might not help, but it’s all she has left of him. Will obsessing about her past block the path to happy ever after?

Her future: Stressful days with a toddler, filled with love, paint, wee (or is it just water?) and ‘I’m not eating that!’ Is every day to be a solo-parenting day for Melissa?

It’s hard work searching for The One when you’re a modern, independent, strident, lonely feminist. From noisy pub to folk club, from broken heart to new start, you’ll end up rooting for Melissa, despite her despicable decisions and massive mistakes.

A story about frog-kissing, bed-hopping, sliding off your lily-pad with embarrassment, and croaking with joy.

Photo by Gordon Bell
And this is me, pleased as punch just
after Crooked Cat signed the book.

You can find How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right? at these fine booksellers!

And you can find Stella here!

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