Thursday, November 3, 2016

To be or not to be Shakespeare

At least I have something to be outraged about that isn't American presidential politics.

Read this article. Go on. I'll wait.

This is not an argument I ever expected to hear about Sam Wanamaker's brainchild. Wanting the Globe to be the Globe and not anything else isn't snobbery. Amplified sound in a hall that was designed for the human voice? For actors who can be heard at every point? Of course it can't be perfect. Females in the cast, Fireproofing and safety standards. (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?) But damn it, every other theatre in the world can do Hamlet in the Wild West if they want to -- and does. Can't there be one place that does Shakespeare as Shakespeare, as near to authentically as we can stand it?

There's more than one way to reach an audience, y'know. 'Defies commercial sense,' indeed. I'll give you commercial. Who's going to sit on a wooden bench for three hours to watch East Enders? Or are we to rip those out as well?

The snobbery here is the intolerance of the mob dragging everything down to its level.

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