Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When we last left our heroes...

Now that I have this great new website I guess I'd better do something to keep it interesting. In other words, get back to the new novel after spending a moth away. Thinking about it ain't exactly the same as writing.

First, though, I'm going to read right through Black Dog, Grey Lady from the top just to remember where I was going and what everyone was doing when I launched into the illusion of webmastery.

So I've loaded the last known version (Oct. 3rd!) on my kindle so that 1) it feels like reading a book, which makes the flaws stand out, and 2) I can't tinker and lose track.

So far, so very full of holes and I'm only 20% in. But I guess that's better than a number of other things I could be full of.


P.S. Don't forget, Molly September is still FREE! at Smashwords!

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